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Tiniez Shopping Spree board game for ipad is a multiplayer game for 2, 3 or 4 players.

The large screen of the iPad is perfectly suited to tiniez's colourful world. the tiniez board game allows two players to play the game opposite each other, just like in a real board game.

walk through the mall to collect all the items that are on the shopping list: Glasses, ice cream, bag, boots and perfume. the first player to collect all five items is the winner!

so gather your friends, join the tiniez fashionistas in training, and step into the tiniez mall for a wild shopping spree that is sheer fun.


  Tiniez Coffee Shop Game

This is Nina’s summer vacation and she wants to land this job. Step into this cute and tiny coffee shop where you will help Nina to go through an intense day of internship serving breakfast, omelettes, pizza, pasta, cakes, and ice cream to this hungry crowd of Tiniez.

The sweetest, most tiny-rific game ever! ONE OF TINIEZ APPS FOR GIRLS, THIS APP OFFERS Over 300 different order types to serve up to your Tiniez customers.

But don't be fooled by their cute looks and sweet smile! The Tiniez are quite the demanding customers. They want their order to be right and tight, otherwise they get angry, and in this game, more than 3 angry customers get you fired.

Serve up dozens of drink and food combinations before the time runs out. Meet your daily goal and make sure your customers are happy and full.